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Development, Construction & Asset Management


Hero Properties works with clients to

  • Identify optimal sites to develop to purpose.

  • Utilise an existing sites to develop to purpose.

  • Retrofitted and existing building to specification.

We only develop properties we own and aim to own them for the long term, with satisfied clients inhabiting them.

Hero Properties is continually on the lookout for new properties and will consider options identified by our clients.


Design & Construction

Group member, Mecon provides clients with a full suite of design and building services with a view to facilitating:

  • Delivering to each and every client a building tailored to their precise requirements, no matter how individual they might be.

  • The retrofitting of existing buildings again with a view to ensuring that they fully meet the needs of clients no matter how individual they might be.

  • Providing speedy, responsive and high quality maintenance services with a view to maximising effective utilisation of the building.

In house construction capabilities mean that Hero Properties can make changes to properties as and when clients need them. The level of flexibility is high and response times are short.

Mecon Construction is a registered builder, registration number 14623.

Asset Management

Hero Properties is responsible for property management with maintenance being addressed in house by Mecon Construction.

Because property management and maintenance are addressed in house, response times are shorter and implementing the regular maintenance schedules is a priority.

Having a single contact for all management and maintenance issues speeds up and simplifies the process for all clients and helps Hero Properties keep management costs to an absolute minimum.

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